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Water Analysis

Water analysis is used to determine chemical, physical, and microbiological parameters that describe the composition and properties of the respective sample.

Such analyses are always important when it comes to protecting human health from adverse influences. Depending on the intended use of the water, the requirements for the quality of the water can vary. Our laboratory is accredited for a variety of tests in the field of water analysis and sampling.

Wasserglas Trinkwasser

Drinking water

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Sterilbank Labor Legionella

Legionella in drinking water

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Trinkwasserspender Leitungsgebunden

Drinking water dispenser

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Behandlungseinheit Praxis Arzt Zahnarzt

Medical facilities

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Brunnnen Trinkwasser Tränkwasser Gießwasser

Fountain water

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Untersuchung von Schwimmbadwasser

Swimming pool water

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Probenahmehähne Legionellen Trinkwasser Warmwasser

Sampling method

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