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Environmental controls & industrial hygiene

Environmental controls and industrial hygiene are crucial to ensure a continuously safe and clean working environment. Our services include regular inspections and analyses to identify and minimize hygiene risks in the workplace. Through targeted measures, we help to protect the health of employees and ensure compliance with relevant hygiene standards.

Smear test

The microbiological swab test makes it possible to identify potentially pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces and determine their number. This helps to assess hygiene conditions and the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection processes.

The results can be used to take appropriate measures to control microbial contamination. With years of experience in sampling and analyzing microbiological swab tests with various culture media, we are the right partner for you.

Air sampling / sedimentation

In a microbiological air sampling test, the air in a specific area is examined for possible microorganisms.

An air sampler or sedimentation plates are used for the test. The air sampler contains a culture medium on which the microorganisms can settle. The air is channeled through the sampler and the particles it contains, including any microorganisms, are deposited on the culture medium.

The culture medium is then incubated to allow the microorganisms to grow. After a precisely defined period, the colonies are counted and identified. The results of the microbiological air sampling provide information about the microbial load in the air in a specific area and can be used to take appropriate measures to control the microbial load.

We are the right partner for you thanks to our many years of experience in the sampling and analysis of microbiological air samples and sedimentation samples with various culture media.

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