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Effectiveness test

Effectiveness tests form the centerpiece of every quality control. Products or processes are tested for their effectiveness. This includes both chemical and biological aspects. Careful analysis and evaluation ensure that a product or method fulfils its intended function with maximum efficiency.

The selection of suitable test organisms is crucial for reliable efficacy testing. These organisms often reflect potential threats or target groups. The test organisms can include bacteria, viruses or fungi and serve as indicators of the performance and level of protection of the product or process being tested.

Validation of the reprocessing ensures that the methods used are suitable and efficient for achieving the desired effectiveness. This involves checking and documenting the reliability of the methods and technologies used. This step is crucial to ensure that the efficacy tests are carried out under standardised conditions and that the results are reproducible. Successful validation of the treatment is therefore essential for guaranteeing quality standards.

Wirksamkeitsprüfung Desinfektionsmittel

Effectiveness tests

We carry out comprehensive effectiveness tests to ensure the efficiency of our solutions.


Testing organizations

The test organisms are carefully selected to ensure accurate and meaningful test results..


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