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Hygiene controls

To ensure the safety and quality of food and its production, it is essential to conduct regular hygiene checks on processes, food and the production environment.

Hygiene controls help to identify potentially harmful bacteria, viruses, or other microorganisms. This minimizes the risk of food poisoning or other illnesses associated with the consumption of contaminated food for the consumer.

By conducting hygiene checks, companies can ensure that their products comply with legal regulations and standards. This protects consumers from unusable or dangerous products.

Good hygiene practices are crucial to a company’s reputation in the food industry. By regularly monitoring and controlling processes and products, companies can ensure that they produce high quality and safe food. This contributes to customer loyalty and protects the company’s reputation. By monitoring hygiene practices, organizations can identify potential weaknesses and take action to address them.

Umgebungskontrolle mittels Abklatschuntersuchung

Environmental controls

Monitoring and ensuring hygiene in the workplace through specific tests.

Probenahme am Geschirrspüler

Hygiene testing

Checking the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection procedures to ensure the highest standards of hygiene.


Food analysis

Ensuring the safety and quality of food through targeted analyses to protect the consumer.


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